About Us

Since its inception, Grandlay has seen an upward trend in growth due to our passion and the commitment

Late Sh. B.L. Batra


Mr. B.L. Batra was the driving force behind establishing the Grandlay Group. Under his leadership, the organization became a household name.
Apart from being the Chairman of the company, Mr. Batra was involved in the CSR initiatives of the firm.

Mr. Pradeep Batra

Managing Director

Pradeep Batra is the Managing Director of Grandlay Cables. Under his dynamic leadership, the company has grown exponentially. With his forte in Finance and Client Management, Mr. Pradeep Batra oversees both financial development and customer relations at Grandlay Cables.

Mr Hitanssh Batra

Joint Managing Director

Mr. Hitanssh Batra is the Managing Director of the company. He is a young and dynamic professional with a strong enterpreneurial background. In his current role, he overlooks production, sales & marketing, and business development including but not limited to new product development and new market entry.

The Grandlay Story

From its humble beginnings in 1953, Grandlay Cables & Wires, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, has grown to become one of the strongest contenders in the Cable and Wire sector, providing high quality products to important clients in critical sectors such as Real Estate and Power.
Grandlay Cables & Wires was established with the objective of providing high quality Cables to clients in various sectors. At the beginning stage of its inception, Grandlay comprised of only a 40 member team with a small client base. Today it boasts of a team over 300 people with innumerable clients and dealers spread across various sectors and regions.

The past 10 years alone have seen Grandlay Cables & Wires grow at a whopping rate of 400 % brought on by a diversification in product range, increased penetration of Indian markets, adoption of high technology, efficient methods of production and an unyielding standard of quality. With this growth, Grandlay Cables & Wires has equipped itself with a modernized plant at Murthal, Sonepat. Grandlay has equipped itself with state- of –the- art machinery, testing equipments run by a team of competent, high spirited technical personnel. We have upgraded our R&D department to ensure conformance with the highest standards of quality and to ensure adoption of the latest technology.

Grandlay Cables & Wires covers/manufactures a comprehensive range of Cables & Wires including XLPE/PVC Power & Control Cables, FR Low Smoke Cables, Railway Signalling, Arial Bunched Cables (ABC), Mining Cables & PVC Insulated Multi/Single Core Wires and FR-FRLS Wires. On demand, the company also manufactures special cables conforming to foreign specifications, like VDL, ASTM, ICC etc.

Grandlay Cables & Wires also has approvals from prestigious organizations and establishments in Private and Public Sectors such as the DDA, CPWD, Railways, DGS&D Rate Contract & various others.

While we have accomplished much, there is still a lot of work ahead. We, at Grandlay Cables & Wire, believe we can continue these trends of growth, strength and evolution with our unyielding commitment to servicing our clients with wires and cables of the highest quality.

How we are different than others

We are not only different but we are the best in what we do . Our clients stay ahead of the industry using our leading technologies .


Our copper has more than 102% conductivity which means reduction in electricity bills.

Better Flexibility

Uniform annealing of copper provides more flexibility.

Current Carrying Capacity

Due to low conductor resistance the current carrying capacity is more.


We have the most advanced in-house wire drawing stranding and bunching facilities to give a uniform lay and smooth finish to our conductor.


Automatic self centering head-coupled with online diameter controller maintains conductor perfectly in the center of PVC insulation which prevent short circuits.


100% wires pass through spark tester to withstand high voltage stresses of 9000 Volt to give consistent quality free of foreign particles throught.